A pig’s breakfast (and lunch and…)

After several days of only having kefir and coffee for breakfast, I was feeling very slow and “off.” I’m not really a morning person, and I have trouble eating a lot before I’ve been up and had my coffee, but on my trip I had found a nice peace with the morning and was really getting stuff done before 10am. So, to get my British morning mojo back, I returned to the breakfast of choice of the scene of the crime.

Mini Fry-Up

CSA tomato, with a free-range egg and pre-cut mushrooms from Wegman’s is apparently the recipe for my morning energy. Add whole wheat sourdough toast and coffee and eat. (Better than the bizarre, huge breakfasts they used to show in the ads, no? Not a frosted mini-wheat in sight!)

Part of this complete breakfast!

We’re also sticking to our resolution about packing our lunches. So here’s my lunch, all packed up and ready to go and looking like a confused stop light. Packed last night and photographed this morning in the light streaming in from the kitchen window.

Mixed-Up-Stop-Light lunch

The beets and gratin are, of course, from Sunday’s extravaganza. The beans in the middle are left over from the veggie side from last night’s dinner.

Piggie with a Pot Roast

Although the white balance is kinda FUBAR, I made the Rosemary Beef Roast from Better Homes and Gardens Simple Slow-Cooker Recipes. I think I’ve been underrating this book in my mind somehow since the first few things I tried from it came out a bit like 1950s food. There are some real gems in there, and this is one of them. Of course, it doesn’t hurt that it’s local, wandering-the-hills, farmer’s market beef. That gives any pot-roast an advantage. But the rest was just normal mushrooms and onions and bottled roasted red peppers and canned tomatoes. Maybe it was the fresh rosemary that made a difference? At any rate, I’d serve this one to meat-eating company with no qualms. I replaced the cous-cous with quinoa, which I think was an improvement, even gluten aside. The roast itself is very rich and I think couscous would have made the whole thing too heavy. We had it with a Sangiovese and CSA green beans sautéed in olive oil and just steamed in apple cider vinegar. Classy piggies!


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