Episode V: The Entropy Strikes Back

The semester started out so well! I put on my grown-up costume and brought my lunch and everything!

This is my grown-up disguise.

I apparently took pictures for step-by-step instructions for building my lunch:

Step 1

Black bean soup from Moosewood Restaurant Cooks at Home.

Step 2

…and a cheddar chive muffin. It’s the “cheese muffin” from Joy of Cooking but with fresh chives added (and, as always, made with GF flour).

Step 3

A donut peach from the CSA and local gouda-esque cheese from the farmer’s market. The donut peaches are odd and flat, but very tasty!

Step 4

AND. An apple. I’m pretty sure it’s a Gingergold from Black Diamond farm.

So as you can see, I meant business! I continued to mean business when I made another beans and greens thing from MRCaH and roasted several eggplants and served them with feta:

Veggie Plates

And when I made a Moroccan Fish Tagine (from Best-Ever Slow Cooker, One-pot & Casserole Cookbook). The harissa could have been spicier, truth be told. Mostly this tasted of lemons. Not complaining, though. It was deliciously lemony.

Moroccan Fish Tagine

And then I made the Tarragon and Cider Chicken from the same book. And it was astounding.

Tarragon Cider Chicken

Seriously, go make this right now! It’s so good!

But be warned, if you are like us. Be careful not to do this, as this was our downfall:

Too sexy for this table

Already you can see, around the edges of our balanced meal, the clutter is creeping. Near the salads, a book that has not yet been returned to its rightful owner. Near the nice bottle of Bellwether Cider, a problem set lurks. And so it begins people. Your life comes back and says: “YOU CANNOT HAVE NICE THINGS.”

And so I didn’t cook for a while, and we descended into eating leftover (which were thankfully plentiful) and Mr. Piggy groused much about all the CSA things that were not eaten. And then the heatwave came and sapped any desire I ever had to be anywhere near the stove. And then came the work. And the clutter, and the annoyance. And then came MORE veggies from the CSA

To Be Continued…


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