November 10, 2008

This is a blog. It is not my first blog. 

Once upon a time, I typed a lot, and I played the clarinet and sometimes I knit. Now I have problems with my hands (trotters?). Now I sing a lot, and sew a lot (with a machine), and I still type a fair amount when I cannot avoid it.

I hope that this blog will be mostly pictures of things I and my pack (one boy pig, one dog, and myself- the sow) create. In addition to the sewing, we live in a fixer-upper, so you may see some renovation photos, and I intend to catalog our adventures in gluten-free, dairy-free cooking as the boy has allergies and we have a newly fixed-up kitchen. The dog may make appearances. She does not create, but she does destroy, and these things are a cycle…

I should note that the intended audience for this is really my family, who do not live nearby. Anyone else is free to read this, but be warned:

If you are offended by anthropomorphic pigs (think old school muppet style, hiiiiiya), opinionated people, mild kvetching, or spoiled rotten Labrador mutts, this just might not be the place for you, dude.